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Explore the Best Locations by Paddleboard or Kayak

Nature Cruise & Kayak $68 / $48

Departing Daily 10am, 1pm, 4pm

We Cruise for around 40 minutes along our local island coastline & up a meandering river that in days gone by sailing ships used to load up Kauri Logs. Guests now transfer to kayaks so they can explore up close, paddle through mangrove forests or photograph a colony of sea birds that nest in trees hanging over the river, Then onto our final destination where a waterfall drops into the sea. At the waterfall the fun & adrenaline starts, even first timers can safely experience paddling at the basin of a waterfall, the perfect photo opportunity!

Sunset Safari

"Sunset Kayaking, most fun"

Sunset & Night Kayaking

The ‘Sunset Safari’ Cruise Itinerary is similar to the ‘Cruise & Kayak’ but has the added punch of kayaking at the basin of a spot lit waterfall or glowing sunset. The scenery is captivating & waterfall exhilarating at this time. Setting sun, millions of stars, rising moon, jumping fish, screeching Owls, Kiwi & other eerie calls all add to the experience. Sometimes on dark nights our kayak wakes & paddles drip & glow a iridescent green from millions of tiny “Sea Glow Worms” a bio luminescence that is activated from our kayak movement.

Explore by Paddle board $88

All Age, Fun & Easy to Learn!

Slide silently & explore by paddle board mangrove forests, get up close to nesting sea birds or face to face with a roaring waterfall. Learn one of the worlds fastest growing sports, its easy with no experience necessary. We paddle safe calm waters & our charter boat takes you to the best locations being on hand if you need a rest. Private Guided Tours also available.
$68 Kayaking is available for Non Paddle Boarders.
$48 Child.  Departs: 10am, 1pm, 4pm. *